Barefoot eXperience in Villa del Mar

Villa del Mar is all about space, freedom and barefoot living…. For the designers from this beachfront villa in Las Terrenas these where the 3 most important facts. And the designers did a great job… You will notice that when entering the villa.

Villa del Mar and barefoot luxury meet here at Playa Coson… Where the vibe is casual, and the service extraordinary… Experience the barefoot luxury of a 20.000 sft private Caribbean beachfront villa, surrounded by waving palm trees… You can do nothing or everything . . . that’s up to you. By the way… your dog(s) are welcome as well!

Villa with the “WoW” effect

In Villa del Mar you will be confrontated with the “WoW” effect… Yes… the wow-effect…. As soon as you enter the villa by the hallway… you will say “wow”! And how do we know? Because that happens every time when clients enter this villa…

Entering the villa you will feel the freedom, space and liberty one can only imagine in a villa designed with these important facts in mind… Standing inside the salon, the lounge or for example the master bedroom… Everywhere you will have this feeling.

Villa del Mar is situated on a 5.000m2 homesite and inside a safe and gated 12 ha private community with more villas. Villa del Mar is the largest and most spectacular one. (with it’s 13 bedrooms) Villa del Mar is the largest beachfront villa in the Dominican Republic and located in Las Terrenas at the famous beach from Playa Coson.


Wedding or holiday or business…

Whether you plan a Caribbean vacation with family, honeymoon or wedding, friends, a romantic villa getaway or retreat discover the ultimate luxury villa experience in one of the Dominicans Republic most spectacular beachfront villas.

A Barefoot sunset villa at the beach

An open Mexican style villa and fresh ocean breezes all day long. Villa del Mar is facing west towards the sunset. The ocean in front is in general always calm and perfect for swimming.

Lots of open and covered terraces areas, lounges in different sizes and corners, modern furnished living room and fully equipped gourmet kitchen are strategically placed so as to take advantage of the view and the beach.